Subject: 3500 is up and running
To: NetBSD/VAX <>
From: Philipp Buehler <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/22/1999 14:08:33

Thanks for many, many mails with very useful information based on
very good knowledge - or just enough engangment to look it up in some more
documentation :) .

But the final 'tip' for getting my VAX up in last was again the given
documentation %-)

It is not allowed to have free slots on Qbus before any card you want to use!
I found this in the QD24 docu - didn't knew that before. And no one "saw" it
on the website - despite to the many hits there.

The CMD SCSI is still not up, but I can boot from DUA0 a 5.5-1 and have
now a good base for diagnostics :)

If someone now pats his head and says "Oh yes, of course" and knows something
more about ordering from Qbus cards (I think this is also the reason the
SCSI is not running - no DK.. in SHOW/DRIVERS) - PLEASE send me an email
with that information.

Next week I get a CD-ROM to install what this list is about ;-)

Thanks again.

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