Subject: uVAX-II stuck in uvn_getpage?
To: None <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/21/1999 11:13:56
The 19981201 snapshot would boot fine in single user mode on my uVAX-II,
but when I go to multiuser, it will occationally hang on bootup in
uao_get or uvn_getpage, and just now it died with an Illegal

Stopped in init at      _exit1+0x2a:    bbc     $5, 40(r7), _exit1+0x38

Could this be flaky hardware?  I ran the system exerciser stand-alone
memory test last night for about four hours, and it didn't find any
errors.  Guess I should test the CPU next?

panic: trap: access fault without process
Stopped at      _arithflt+0x18b:        bbc     $6, 60(r8), _arithflt+0x1ed

Something's fishy:

NetBSD/vax (sam) (console)

login: Jan 21 10:43:24 sam /netbsd: nfs server goldberry:/usr/home: not responding
Jan 21 10:43:30 sam /netbsd: nfs server goldberry:/usr/home: is alive again
Automatic boot in progress: starting file system checks.
[and continues to try to go into multiuser mode, but dies]
starting rpc daemons: portmap ypbind rpc.yppasswddload: 1.23  cmd:
rpc.yppasswdd 233 [flt_noram5] 0.38u 0.41s 0% 200k

load: 1.13  cmd: rpc.yppasswdd 233 [flt_noram5] 0.38u 0.41s 0% 200k

Maybe I'm just expecting too much from a 5MB machine?  I just figured
it'd just swap out a lot...

I put an extra 1MB module in from another uVAX-II I have, and I'm
now running the continuous system exerciser for the CPU and memory...

Are there known issues with diskless uVAX-IIs?

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