Subject: Re: Q: snapshot tape install?
To: Bruce Lane <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/21/1999 11:14:16
Hi Bruce,
well I got my uVax up last night, but it did take some playing around.
Basically, I did this:

*  Created TK50 tape with stock 1.3.2 TK50 images (dated May(?) 1998).  You
must use the stock images, as the snapshot's "miniroot.fs" appears to be
unusable... at least, I cannot figure it out.
*  Put 12/1/98 snapshot on an NFS-exported partition, along with the kernel
dated 1/1/99.
*  Copy miniroot to swap partition, then boot miniroot, as documented.
Note!!  When booting miniroot
from swap partition, make sure you specify "ra(0,0,1)netbsd" at the NetBSD
boot prompt (change the numbers as appropriate for your disk).  It is
indicated that you can just type "ra(0,1)", but that did not seem to work
for me; you must specify which file to load.
*  newfs & write boot blocks; mount new / and /usr.
*  extract at least the following sets from the
..../snapshot/19981201/binary/sets directory:  base, comp, etc, man.  You
can do "misc" if you want, too, or others, depending on disk space.
*  copy "boot" from ..../snapshot/19981201/binary/kernel to your new root.
Note!! when you extracted the "base" set, it wrote a file called "boot" to
your root directory.  Make sure you do this step *after* extracting the
sets, so you get a current copy of "boot."
*  copy "netbsd.990101" from ..../kernels to your new root as "netbsd".
*  do other stuff, prior to rebooting, as documented:  create fstab, run
*  reboot and have fun!

Good luck,  I hope this recipe works for you.  I have never seen the error
you got, regarding gennetbsd.gz!


Bruce Lane <> on 01/19/99 10:51:57 AM
 To:      Jonathan Sturges/ESD/GMR                            
 Subject: Re: Q: snapshot tape install?                       

At 08:28 19-01-1999 -0500, you wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>I'm trying to install the 12/1/98 snapshot on a uVax-II.  I'm booting from
>TK50, but I've got the sets available via NFS.


     If you happen to find out what's wrong with miniroot.fs on a TK50,
let me know! I've been trying for weeks to even get the thing to boot, and
all I end up with is a machine that gets 90% of the way there and then
complains that '/gennetbsd.gz' is not a directory, and leaves me at a
single chevron prompt.

     I'm in the process of trying to get things to netboot, but I'm not
optimistic. Thanks in advance.

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