Subject: Re: SCSI _is_ still broken on VS3100
To: Matthias Pfaller <>
From: Elmet Orasson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/15/1999 12:10:17
On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Matthias Pfaller wrote:

> In article <>,
> (maximum entropy) writes:
> > Of course the patch I sent is worthless as it stands.  Performance is
> > bad enough without inhibiting disconnection for all devices.  Does
> > anyone have ideas about how we can set the bits for SCSI-1 devices
> > only?
> SCSI-1 devices are perfectly capable of using disconnect/reselect.
> Even my Emulex MD01 SCSI<->ST506 bridge from 1985 is able to handle
> disconnect/reselect...

	Hmm. After this patch my RZ24 drive stopped giving me 'short
write' errors when copying larger files (over 3.5MB) and works fine. Its
seems that even a bit faster than before :-) 
	Of course, it may be some kind a weirdness this drive has. NetBSD
installation failed to disklabel it etc. but worked OK when I tried to
install onto 500MB Seagate (actually not very OK, it crashed just before
completing newfs on it).
	Yet some questions: disklabel seems to write boot blocks onto
disk, but when I try to boot from disk it says 'Boot failed, saerrno 2'.
Have I done something wrong or it just doesn't work? (VS3100m38)

	Is it possible to temporarily shut down SCSI drives not used for a
while? (Kinda power save mode).