Subject: VAX not booting devices
To: None <>
From: Philipp Buehler <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/12/1999 19:57:58

seems to, that I need more information about my mv3500 to get it running.

It boot's til bootmonitor w/o problems (countdown til 3). If i 
type a 'b mua0' I get an DEVOFFLINE despite that, the TK70 is making
some sounds (I do not know what would be the normal sound). And I
even can't unload the tape. If I try to 'b dua0' I get DEVINACT on there.
The drive is spinning up and initating after getting power at least.
The QD24 shows sometime led 3 lit up, which means referring to Docu that
the controller is just idle, no special errors are shown. There is
only one ESDI Drive in there so it should be DUA0 ?!
I have no clue where the system is installed. Maybe even on the SCSI-HDD,
but I do not know the bootname for that device.

Pls help %-} I received a LOT of useful information regarding my last
mails to this list. THANK you, I am amazed :)

Oh btw, I have only Docu to the mvII (so I know the VBM commands);
but I have nothing about the TK70 (it DOES NOT unload :* ) and the little
switches above the qbus cards.

 1  2  3  4   5   6
|O| o |O| o | o | o |
|                   |
|                   |
|O| o |O| o | o | o |
 7  8  9  10  11  12
  | o |

The numbers are from me, and would be easier that way to explain them..

(The enclosure is BA213 and is shown on

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