Subject: Re: Unknown Hardware in VAX3500
To: emanuel stiebler <>
From: Philipp Buehler <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/10/1999 14:15:36
emanuel stiebler wrote:
> Emulex is a company, made many different boards. On the board, there should
> be at least one EPROM or controller with a label. Tell us what is written
> there. Should be something like QTxx, SCxx, QDxx, ...

Ok, I have 2 Emulex Boards (the 2nd was hidden), the one is a 
QD24 ESDI/MSCP Disk Controller as I found out, and I even found the 
Docu for it :)

The 2nd one is strange.. there is nothing written as Model Number or such 
on the platine itself. Only the S/N: 08110HKCC CM, which I try to send 
to emulex, they SHOULD know it :))

There are 9 PROM's on it and 2 bigger Chips with following on it:


I was not able for now to find out, what these chips are..

The only connector to outside is a three row with 60 (or so) pins each
row - remembers me kind of the VMEBus connectors. The cable is about 70..80
wires (yes, I was to lazy to count them :) )

Additional I have an ESDI Drive (on first look I thought it was an power pack
;]] ). It is an Fujitsu M2263E from 1990, I have a detailed bad sectorlist,
but no clue how big this is.

After cleaning the hole machine *cough*, I see switches on the CPUslot 
(KA650). The one round has 3 positions with a face (?) an arrow and a 'T'
w/ a circle around it. The second with 2 positions shows a dot in a circle
and a dot above a circle. The symbol is a circle w/ a triangle in it.
strange.. ;]
What is about that Battery Pack behind the CPUSlotblend?

The SCSI Board in there has an NCR53c90A chip and as manufacturer: CMD Model:
CQD-223/M. Is this supported by NetBSD?

My mvII is documented so nice for all that stuff, I am sad, I have not the 
same documentation for the 3500 also. 

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