Subject: NetBooting 3100 and 2000
To: Vax NetBSD Port Mailing List <>
From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/06/1999 16:27:59
What is the current best-practice method for netbooting 3100s and 2000s?

I'm going to be setting up a group of machines at home, probably at this point
headless (just because I don't have space for the monitors, and may not have
the cables), all netbooting from a 3600 running NetBSD 1.3.2. I've got 1500megs
in SCSI on the 3600, so plenty of space for root & swap until SCSI starts
working well (or does it work well enough to out-preform net yet?), and I
figure the best thing for now would be to netboot them all from one common

I figure I'll export a root/etc/var/bin/sbin for each machine, and then a
common /usr for all. Would this be the way to go, or should I expect to have a
seperate everything for each machine? Could I export a common everything with a
seperate /etc for each machine?

I'll most likely be setting up 8 3100/m38s (and possibly 2 2000s) to boot this
way. As my only other Netbooting experience was trial and error booting a 3600
(using bootparamd, I think) I'd like to get the definative answer as far as how
to set it up. I know the netboot how-to hasn't been updated in some time as

Along the same lines, the 3600 has a DHV11 - can I use it as sort of a terminal
server, plug each console from the 3100s into it? What software would be
required to access the terminals (chat?)?

In case you're wondering, no, I'm not sure what I'm going to use all those
cycles for yet. Perhaps I'll re-join the project - is there a
working NetBSD/VAX client for that yet? Plus, I need to squeeze another 8 IPs
out of my ISP - but he just got a brand new class C, so perhaps he won't mind.
I'd love to use them to set up some sort of distributed computing/clustering
system (call it Very Asymetrical MultiProcessing - VAMP), but don't know if
such a thing exists for NetBSD.

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J. Buck Caldwell

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