Subject: Re: OK.... I got this here VAXen thingie... now what....(:+}
To: , <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/05/1999 13:27:46

>> Any suggestions are appreciated.... and no, it won't be dropped at
>> the Nevada Test Site, for practice...(:+}}....
>yeah, give it to me.. heheheh just joking! 
>i cant really give you ultrix tapes from the lagl point of view, but someone
>can probably help you out with netbsd boot tape(s). 

Depending on where you live, I may be able to help you with a boot tape.  I'm
kinda limited (2 TK70 and 1 TK50 (can read TK50, but not write it)), but If you
want to get off the ground ... and you'll mail it back (unless anyone can tell
me where to get more TK70's) , I'll copy the boot & miniroot onto one and send
it to you.

>> What is the best way to network it into my local home ethernet coax?

>via the DELQA. there should be a cable from it to a bulkhead panel with an 
>AUI port. 

>> Someone mentioned modifying RJ11(?) connectors to work?
I have a closet full of cables to connect a terminal to the box, and an extra
VT52(might be 100) if you'd like to pay for the shipping?  

    They're just sitting around collecting dust because I don't have any cables
to connect them to the terminal servers I have  (and I don't know if the
terminal server would work with NetBSD anyway, or only with VMS)

>yes external disks connect to them. Most external SDI disks will be
>RA8x series disks in their own rack cabinets- heavy, large, power-hungry
>disks. also noisy. cool as hell if electricity is cheap and they really are
>awesome pieces of machinery.

Yes, they are to connect external disk cabinets to.  I have an external cabinet
w/ 4 x 855MB disks mounted in it ... got room for 4 more!!!   Unfortunately, all
the lights in the house dim when I turn on the cabinet!

I've loaded NetBSD successfully (several times) on my 3500, so it can be done .

chris (preferred)