Subject: OK.... I got this here VAXen thingie... now what....(:+}}}[L[D[D
To: None <>
From: Robert D. Keys <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/05/1999 10:53:37
OK, Dummy here stuck his foot in his choppers an' won the bid on that
VAXen for the grand total of eleven buckeroos de realme.  What can I
run with it?  It was just too much fun to pass up, and it drew too many
chuckles from the PC crowd in the surplus warehouse....(:+}}....
I am assuming I can get the NetBSD VAX port on it somehow.....

Machine:  VAXstation 3500, no consoles or external boxes, only the tower.

Tape Drive:  TK70  (how big?)

Hard Drive:  RA70  (how big?)


----     ------------   ----------------------------------------------
1        KA650 -BA
2        MS650 -AA
3        MS650 -AA
4        DELQA -SA
5        VCB02
6        VCB02
7        VCB02
8        CXY08
9        TQK70
10       KDA50
11       KDA50
12       (empty)

What are the above boards, for reference?

What boards are needed to bring up the machine minimally and test it out?

How should one fire it up the first time, without blowing it up?

I am working with the original owner of the beast to see if he may have
a box of odd manuals and hopefully tapes still in storage somewhere.
If not, I am at ground zero with it.

I am assuming it will have to be run headless, via an old VT-52ish
Zenith terminal I have, or a Kermit with VT-100 emulation.  I don't
have the main color monitor for it, or the mouse and keyboard.
What is the pinout of the silly MMJ connector on the CPU?
Will a plain terminal work OK?
Someone mentioned modifying RJ11(?) connectors to work?

What kinds of printer can be hooked up to it, via what protocols?

What is the best way to network it into my local home ethernet coax?
I have a 10Base2 adapter for AUI to coax, but will need to patch up
an AUI cable of some sort, maybe.

IFF it will boot via TK50 tapes, is there a spare set of tapes I
could borrow or purchase from someone with a working NetBSD port?
I would prefer tape loads, if possible, since I may not have a
working local net up at any given time, and a tape boot is always
the minimal standalone boot.

There seems to be space for one more hard drive in the upper part
of the tower.  What will work?  I am assuming I would need an RA70
and cables to match the other one?

What are the 4? cable connections on the box to the top right of
the tower case, near the RA70?  Someone said external drives hook
up via that?

Any suggestions are appreciated.... and no, it won't be dropped at
the Nevada Test Site, for practice...(:+}}....


Bob Keys