Subject: RE: MV2000 - best NetBSD version to install?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Back <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/05/1999 11:40:35

Thanks for the advice! I now have my uV2000 Net booted, for some reason the
console output swaps from port 1 to port3 early on. I booted the Install
kernel (netbsd.ram) from the latest -current snapshot. Sysinst runs OK but
complains that there is no hard disk to install to. There is an RD54 which a
couple of hours ago had VMS on and booted, I just formatted it in the VAX.
Any ideas why Sysinst errors?


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From: Anders Magnusson []
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To: Andrew Back
Subject: Re: MV2000 - best NetBSD version to install?

> >
> >The best thing to do: Install the latest snapshot.
> Exscuse me if this is a stupid question, where do I get the latest
> Vax snapshot inc bootloader/kernel etc? I can't seem to locate this on the
> obvious sites like etc. doesn't seem to
> resolve at my site.
Try something.
That should work on any NetBSD mirror also.

-- Ragge