Subject: Re: MV2000 - best NetBSD version to install?
To: Anders Magnusson <>
From: Robert D. Keys <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/04/1999 12:50:16
> > I am contemplating installing NetBSD on a MicroVAX 2000. Which would be the
> > best release to install, -current or 1.3x? I plan to netboot from a i386
> > NetBSD system and install on to an RD54. I have the 3 MMJ port "cig packet"
> > box attached to the back for terminal access. Could I use one port for ppp
> > also?
> > 
> The best thing to do: Install the latest snapshot. If you netboot the
> "netbsd.ram.gz" file you will jump directly into sysinst.
> I don't know what the "cig packet" box is; but anyway: the four standard
> serial ports on VS2000 will work good for PPP.

Following along on the ancient VAXen thread.....  

I had the fortune, (or curse?), to pick up a VAXstation 3500 today in
surplus.  The price was right ($11.00), if I can do anything with it.
It is a tower about 3 foot tall, on castors, about 2 feet wide, and
1 foot deep, with a sliding plastic window that allows access to the
tape drive (not the TK50, but one up from that [TK92?], and odd control
panel buttons).  No manuals, tapes or anything else came along with it.
So, I am starting at ground zero on it.

Is this beastie amenable to one of the NetBSDs?  And where can I find
a TKxx boot tape of some sort for it, since I have nothing that will
write one of those strange tapes on anything else?

If it will play BSD on a VT-52ish terminal or VT-100ish terminal
(HZ-29 or Kermit on a pc), then it might be fun to spin the thing
up and see if it can whirr once again.

Any info or suggestions (other than dropping it out of a B-36 over
the Nevada test site) is appreciated.


p.s.  Also, how is the beastie opened up?  I understand there is a
      handle of some sort at the bottom inside of the sliding window,
      but it does not seem to unlatch or move anywhere.