Subject: mysterious console
To: Anders Magnusson <>
From: Michael Berghaus <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/02/1999 13:31:59
> Seems quite normal: there is no support to boot from SCSI disks in the
> boot program. If you type rom()netbsd instead at the boot prompt it
> may work better.
Thanks for that hint! That worked for booting my Vaxstation 3100/10-48
But there is another strange thing: The VAX has three plugs for serial
communication. All output from the boot monitor goes to the first plug,
connected to a serial VT30 terminal. Once the system is booted (via net or
disk) it switches the output to the third plug! i.e. NetBSD sends its
output to another device than the boot monitor.
Any hints?
Perhaps using other device numbers for /dev/console? (currently 0,0)

Another question (FAQ?): is there support for the second scsi bus? NetBSD
detects only the RZ25 and TK50 connected to the first SCSI bus, but none
of the RZ23 at the second bus.

BTW: the new sysinst works great and much more intuitive than edlabel
for a NetBSD Newbie like me. Thanks!

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