Subject: Re: Booting SCSI
To: Richard Dickens <>
From: Anders Hogrelius SdU <>
List: port-vax
Date: 01/02/1999 17:40:10
On 2 Jan 1999, Richard Dickens wrote:
> Thanks for the info, it's now reading the kernel from the disk.
> However, it doesn't seem to get much further, I see one flash on the=20
> activity lights of the SCSI disk and tape (device probe I think), then a=
> couple more flashes on the disk and it hangs.
> It doesn't manage to output anything to the console so I guess it's not=
> getting as far as executing /etc/rc.
> Are there any extra switches I could pass to the boot command? I've tried=
> -s and that didn't help?
> The same kernel works fine when net booted and allows me to mount the SCS=
> disk.=20

Are you trying to boot from the console?
If so, you've got to have a devicefile that allows the kernel to direct
it's output to the console. I seem to remember someone writing something
about that sometime ago on port-vax. Even if the kernel supports the=20
console, the devicefile has to be there for it to work.
BTW. it's only the newer kernels that has support for it as far as i know,
at least on the VS3100.

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