Subject: Re: I need specs ASAP :-(
To: None <,>
From: Rick Copeland <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/30/1998 13:11:16
It might be better to use a RA72 (1gig) like I have in my 11/785.  It is so
small (full height) compared to a RM05 that it fits in the 11/785 cab with
room for 20 more!  Then of course there is that capacity thing also!


At 03:08 PM 9/30/98 EDT, wrote:
>>> I think you're confusing the RM03 with the RM05 (which is the 12-platter
>MB drive based on the CDC 9766 I think).  <<
>Yup, I guess so...   didn't have my handy vax hardware reference book around,
>and its been quite a few years.   When I started here we had a room full of
>the CDC removable drives...  all gone now.  
>For reference, I think the RM05/256Mb-CDC drives needed 220/240V at about 14A
>(start current, 10A run) to run them, and the RM02/03/80Mb-CDC (67Mb?) used
>120V @ probably 10A+.   Exactly *WHY* anyone would want one these days is
>beyond me...  I'd be looking for a SCSI controller, or at least a controller
>for ESDI/MFM/RLL (ST506-interface) drives.  SCSI preferred, obviously, since
>even the old ST506 style drives are getting hard to come by.  Assuming a
>reasonable rate of perhaps $.08/kwh for your electricity, just to run an
>RM02/03 drive @10A for a 24-hour day would cost you (10A*120V=1200W... being
>generous, say 1kw) 24*$.08=.. about $2/day.  For maybe 80Mb...  With a SCSI
>controller and an old 80Mb SCSI drive (I have a pile of old Quantum 80's off
>of Mac's that got upgraded) you could probably get the same storage for
>overly cautious - 5A@5V=25W, 25W*24h = 600W) roughly $.05/day.   1/40th of
>I think I'd rather spend $1.50/month on my 80Mb than $60/month, anyday.
>The heat issue comes into play here too, of course...  an RM03/05 pumps out
>quite a few BTU's.  So, between the power and the heat... just imagine having
>your average 30A/220V circuit Electric Clothes Dryer running 24hrs/7days.
>probably pumping that much heat into the room its in too!!
>And shutting those RM drives up and down all the time isn't a good idea,
>that tends to greatly increase your chances for a crash...  and those drive
>heads weren't cheap!!   
>Of course, the RM drives are removable...  so you could get more packs and
>increase your storage...  and from my *wonderful* memories of lifting those
>packs, you could quit your membership at the local gym...  might equal that
>:-)   Start with an RM03 and work your way up to an RM05...  
>Anyways, we now run on four 4Gb SCSI drives rather than a room full of CDC's.
>Power alone we saved over $3000/month.  Much less the space we saved (two 6"
>high rack mount chassis for SCSI drives & SCSI tapes, vs. probably 120sq.ft.
>taken up with washing-machine sized hard drives...).  
>Oh...and those old CDC's transferred at about 1Mb/sec...  the new SCSI's
do at
>least 5Mb/sec, except that the controller can only do about 3, so we can't
>even get the full bandwith out of the drives.  Best our old beast of a
>can do.
>Pete Hufnagel