Subject: Re: I need specs ASAP :-(
To: None <>
From: John Wilson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/30/1998 12:51:41

>The CDC drives...  I would gather that they probably are 14" removables, the
>old Dec RM02 or RM03 drives.  Freestanding, the RM02 (around 80Mb) is probably
>100+Kg (probably +), and the RM03 is probably close to 200Kg.  

I think you're confusing the RM03 with the RM05 (which is the 12-platter 256
MB drive based on the CDC 9766 I think).  The RM02/03 are almost identical
(both based on CDC 9762), the 02 is just a slowed-down version of the 03
for use on the lamer RH implementations with tiny FIFOs.

Anyway I agree with the weight guesses, the 5-platter drive is somewhere in
the ~300 lb range (including DEC's RM adapter in the base).  Two people can
carry one pretty easily with the skins removed so you can grab the rack frame,
and if the the real 9762 is like the DEC version, the skins will instantly
pop off when you try to lift it with them still on, so watch out!

John Wilson
D Bit