Subject: MicroVax II - The Basics
To: None <>
From: Nicholas Humfrey <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/30/1998 17:49:12
I have just bought a MicroVax II. It is my first Vax and I do not know very
much about it's basic hardware operation. I think the memory board may not
work due to a couple of smahed chips during transit.

1) What to the five leds on the mother board represent ? (The first three
from the left stay turned on)

2) What does the LED display on the back mean ? (It counts down as far as 'C')

3) What does the switch and the knob above the baud rate knob control ?

4) At what stage should it start using the serial port on the back ? (And
let me know something works :-)

The machine was once in a BT telephone exchange and still has it's DIGITAL
service card stuck to it. It does not have a plastic case - only a front
panel which doesn't seem to stick on the front. Is this because it was rack
mounted ? Are there any company's which sell VAX hardware in the UK
(mailorder) ? It does not have a hard disk - just a 5.25 floppy, so I could
either do a network boot off my 486 or buy it a hard disk.