Subject: Re: I need specs ASAP :-(
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/30/1998 11:16:25
a Vax 11/780??   Ugh...  Big and Heavy...  the approx 500Kg someone quoted
sounds about right..  used to have one here and I had to move it...  and
dismantled the $%*# thing eventually...  I have a few power supplies handy,
nice 5V 200A ones that came out of the one we tossed out.  

The CDC drives...  I would gather that they probably are 14" removables, the
old Dec RM02 or RM03 drives.  Freestanding, the RM02 (around 80Mb) is probably
100+Kg (probably +), and the RM03 is probably close to 200Kg.  

If they are, or if anyone else is interested (and speak soon or they go in the
trash here at work) I have a bunch of old RM02 and RM03 style disk packs.
They were used on an old Interdata system (now Concurrent Computer), so they
are formatted at 256-bytes/sector, would need to be reformatted... if anyone
is interested let me know.   Roughly 10 of each type.  Free if you pay for
shipping, or pick them up (I'm in CT).  I also have an RM03 alignment pack
from the Vax780 we had here...   

I also have access to the CDC maintenance manuals for the 300Mb RM03 type
drives...  we don't have any of these drives left, so I can probably get rid
of that too.  

Might have manuals around for the CDC 80Mb (RM02)... will check.

Happy Vax'ing...

Pete Hufnagel