Subject: Re: VS3100/m76
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/29/1998 21:29:58
Hi !

> I think I've found what the problem might be netbooting my m76.  On
> startup, I get the following from the POST routine:
> KA43-A  V1.2
> F...E...D...C...B?..A_..9...8...7...6...5...4...3_..2_..1?..
>  ?  C  0080  0000.4001
> ??  B  0010  000C.0200
>  ?  6  80A1  0000.4001
> ??  1  00C0  0100.2004


> >From the VAX hardware reference, I get that B is for memory and A is the
> MMU.  Anyone know what the numbers mean in the string:

OK, A is not inside (i think that was the _ behind the letter)... Same
output as on my box. "C" is the DZ, the serial controller (if you work
with the serial console, it's normal), 6 is SCSI-B, the error means no
more than: no external drives connected.

B is really ugly. Have fun with modules-swapping. Your memory has some
kind of error i think (i hope it isn't the cache), try working with only
2 modules until the error is away, then try the next two ones... and so
on. Leave out the module(s) making trouble. (Maybe you neet two modules
at once, don't know, never tried)
1 is the NI - Network interface. Just connect it to your net (is done,
switch to the other interface, the little push-switch between the
network connectors) The error is another one than i get with an
unterminated net, but i think it's all.

the numbers behind "B" mean: 000C -> 12 (i think, you said that you have
12 Megs inside...) 0200 -> i heard it's the defective bit, but don't try
to find out, simply change modules, i thinks it's lots faster)

Should "A" really be the mmu ? It's the list for the M40. I thought,
NetBSD can't run without MMU

Ok, happy trying so far... Michael