Subject: How secure is your job?
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Date: 09/27/1998 00:14:14
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Are you making all the money that you want?

Are you trading hours for dollars instead of building
lasting residual income?

How secure is your job?

Do you think that staying home with children is better
than daycare?

Tired of politicians balancing the budget on your back?

Tired of companies cutting jobs, closing their doors or
moving out of state?

If the money were right and it fit into your existing 
schedule, would you be open to evaluating a business 
that could solve the problems we face?  Two or more
jobs needed for a family to make ends meet is not
my idea of normal.

There is a better way.  Work at home at your own pace.
Work with whom you want, when you want.

If leaving the rat race and embarking down a path to
Financial Freedom sounds good, reply to this "e" mail or
call one of the numbers listed below for some really
exciting information.

Lets see if we could work together to build a bright future 
for our families and enjoy more free time for golf or the beach.

Yale at (619) 271-5932 
Jim or Leslie at  (619) 271-7737
Dub  at  (760) 945-9536
Steve or Cheryl at (619) 468-3689
Bob at (530) 873-4818
Patrick at (530) 247-0382
Chris at (530) 865-8434
Dick at (808) 625-1248
Ginger at (530) 477-8011 
Required Sender Rdukleth  Mililani HI   96789
808 625-1248

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