Subject: Re: Where to find Vax stuff in Mass.
To: None <>
From: John Wilson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/25/1998 16:59:16
>From: Andy Sporner <>

>Sounds like a dumb question and probably is.  I have moved from Chicago
>to a small town in
>Massachussetts (Randolph).  Is there a "junkyard" where one can find Vax

E.L.I. on Hampshire Street in Cambridge *used* to be a gold mine of DEC
stuff (back when they were still Eli Heffron's & Son), they may still have
some nice VAX stuff around even though they seem to be leaning more towards
the UNIX workstation market these days.  I bought a TKZ50-GA from them
recently by mail order and was happy with it.  The Processor has a few other
companies in Mass that list used DEC stuff, but I have no personal experience
with them (I've been going to Eli's since the 70s though, they're great guys),
most of the ads show at least some VAXish stuff:

Mini Computer Services, Marlboro -- 508 624 5500
Equipment Management Inc., doesn't say where -- 978 461 0284
Pyramid Technology Services, Concord -- 978 287 9555
  (apparently right near my old high school but I don't remember them)
Advanced Communication Technology, Natick -- 508 651 1511
  (appears to be Alphas only though)
SpringBoard Technology, Springfield -- 800 397 6759
E.L.I. Inc., Cambridge -- 617 547-4005

John Wilson
D Bit