Subject: RE: VS 3100 M76
To: None <>
From: Gunnar Helliesen <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/25/1998 13:54:33
Chris Craft wrote:
> Here's what I get with the netbsd kernel from subzero:
> //some chopping//
> NetBSD 1.3G (GENERIC) #760: Fri Aug 28 23:47:43 CEST 1998
>     ragge@vs4000:/usr/src/sys/arch/vax/compile/GENERIC
> VAXstation 3100/m76
> realmem = 12447744
> avail mem = 9375744
> Using 151 buffers containing 618496 bytes of memory.
> backplane0 (root)
> cpu0 at backplane0: KA43
> memory error!
> primary cache status: panic: ptelen fault in system space: addr panic
> ptelen fault in system space cetera for a few lines then...
> ?24 UNXINT 00BDF281 040A0000 054

Hm, looks familiar...

> Is this a hardware problem? The test kernel netbsd.test also fails but
> not quite the same way due to a memory error, primary cache status:
> 1228<BCHIT,DPERR,INTR,REFRESH>, secondary cache status:
> ffe1<TPE,DPE,MISS,ENABLE> three times, then a panic: ptelen fault in
> system space: addr 0 pc 0, syncing disks... done

I have been having problems getting a uVAX 3300 to boot _any_ version of
NetBSD. The hardware is known good, i.e. it boots and runs VMS just
fine. When I try to boot NetBSD the kernel crashes with almost the same
error that you're reporting:

cpu0 at backplane0: KA640, CVAX microcode rev 4 Firmware rev 83
panic: ptelen fault in system space: addr 0 pc 0
syncing disks... done

        PC = 800A8121

The netbsd.test kernel was made by Ragge for me to test on my 3300 and
see exactly where it crashes. From the results Ragge concluded that the
kernel crashes as it tries to enable the level-2 cache.

This information may or may not apply to your problem. As others seem to
boot M76's with 1.3.2 successfully I think perhaps you should consider
the possibility that you may have corrupt cache in your machine. Perhaps
you should try booting a kernel with all caches disabled?


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