Subject: Re: VS 3100 M76
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/25/1998 07:27:24
Hi !

> realmem = 12386304
> memory error!
> primary cache status: 2a8<DPERR,TRAP1,INTR,REFRESH>
> secondary cache status: ffe0<TPE,DPE,MISS>

Up to here it's all "ok". Looks strange, but my box makes the same.

> ?24 UNXINT 00BDF281 040A0000 054

I hate those strange DEC-messages. But this looks really evil. The
GENERIC 1.3.2-kernel MUST boot on the M76. I can really work with it,
maybe the cache isn'd on, but the box runs stable.

> memory error!
> primary cache status: panic: ptelen fault in system space: addr panic
> ptelen fault in system space cetera for a few lines then...
> ?24 UNXINT 00BDF281 040A0000 054

Something like that came on my box also. Expect the UNXINT line. My
kernel just halted.

> Is this a hardware problem? The test kernel netbsd.test also fails but
> not quite the same way due to a memory error, primary cache status:
> 1228<BCHIT,DPERR,INTR,REFRESH>, secondary cache status:
> ffe1<TPE,DPE,MISS,ENABLE> three times, then a panic: ptelen fault in
> system space: addr 0 pc 0, syncing disks... done

I think it really could be a hardware problem, but i'm not sure. Let's
wait for other answers... Maybe somebody knows the UNXINT (UNeXpected
INTerrupt ?)

ciao, Michael