Subject: Re: Need jumper settings for M7940/8017
To: None <>
From: John Wilson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/22/1998 17:52:21
>From: Rick Copeland <>

>I have checked the jumper on the DLV11 (M7940) for the "EIA" jumper and it
>is disconnected, however the 40-pin berg connector may be a problem.  I
>don't know what the pinouts are and I now know for sure that the DLV11 was
>setup for current loop operation.  I need to know what those pins on the
>40-pin berg connectors are so that I can build a cable for RS-232 operation.

I believe the early DLVs use the same pinout as the Unibus DL11 boards.
If this is correct, the pinout is given in:

You only need to use a small number of the pins.  On the Unibus boards, the
choice between EIA and 20 mA is made by the cable -- both sets of drivers are
always driven, and there's a jumper on the cable that decides which receiver
is actually connected to the UART -- connect "TTL interlock" to either the
"EIA interlock" or "20 mA interlock" pin.

John Wilson
D Bit