Subject: VS 3100 M76
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/22/1998 21:27:16
Hi !

Ok, i finally got my VS 3100 M76 booting from my Linux server. I tried
some things the last days and encountered some problems:

While booting, i *sometimes* get memory errors. (24 MB inside) Is it a
problem of the 1.3.2-kernel not supporting the M76 yet or maybe my Box
has a memory bug ? (Power-on selftest doesn't complain about anything
serious, DZ and SCSI-B errors are normal as i read in other mails.)
While working i sometimes get "le0: device timeout" messages. When
accessing the SCSI HD (i labelled it with "disklabel" and put /usr and
swap on it.), i sometimes get incomplete DMA transfers. Are these
problems timing probs of the kernel or what could it be ? I looked at
the source, some timeout stuff seems to be in the LANCE driver, but in
the NCR-scsi-driver (especially the VS-DMA-routines) i could not found
any timeout stuff. It seems to get an interrupt and therefor aborts the
DMA transaction.

I would try more, but the box doesn't run stable enough to compile the
kernel. (And: have you ever compiled the kernel with a
complete-nfs-mounted root ? might take very long i think).

And one question of labelling the harddisks: i sometimes saw partition
C: being a full partition over the whole disk, including the other
partitions ? What's the best way of partitioning the drive ?
If it sometimes boots from the hd, i want /, /usr and swap on the disk.

Should it be for now... must boot my VS and play around with the sources

cu.. Michael