Subject: Re: VS3100 questions
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/22/1998 09:58:27
ok, it seems i've answered my own question by reading...
no support for SCSI on VS3100 series yet.

Well, I'll try the uVaxII's...  
a lot of Dec equipment has been getting "tossed" at work, so I've
been grabbing it as it comes... I have two VS3100's, two uVaxII's in 
a rack, and a DS2000/120 (running Ultrix 4.x).  Just got the uVax's, 
so I don't know whats in them yet (although one has an external SCSI
4mm DAT drive hooked to it!!).

If I get NetBSD up on one machine, maybe I'll try looking at the SCSI 
driver code to get the VS3100 going.  

Also have two Sun 3/60's and a 3/260, a Sparc-1, and a host of other 
systems.  Sun's have SunOS 4.1 on them now...  I just need room to 
set all these bad-boys up and get them running!!  Thank God I'm single,
because I'd be in deep trouble if I wasn't with all these computers I have 
(over 30 at last count!). 

Pete Hufnagel