Subject: Adbentures in PPPD land - or - what I did tonight
To: None <>
From: Sheila //or// Bob (depends on who's writing) <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/21/1998 21:26:37
Thank you to everyone who has helped so far.
Ken, Dave, Erno, Gunnar, Ragge, Ronny, and everyone - don't mean to
slight anyone.

Here is the deal:

I have the DHV setup, I have the cables plugged in with the red stripe
down.  Both cables are this way.  The bottom bulkhead set of four is
plugged into the connector on the to the right if you are looking at the
chips - labeled TH2.  The way it is plugged in, ttyS0 is on the bottom
of the lower four DB25 connectors.

how do I know this?  I was able to begin communication with the modem!

I brought home a breakout box with LEDs.  Only ttyS0 has DTR exerted
(on, high) so!!

Now I will try to work the getty issue, then the modem script issue.
I see the pppd stuff running toooooooo fast between the ttyS0 and the
modem.  I will work the speed and the scripts.

Thanks for all the help!!

Gunnar, I will write up all I know and when it is working (probably next
weekend - i will be out of town for a few days - I should have it
running!!) - I will give you data for the FAQ.  This data we can roll up
into the NetBSD faq - I think PC, atari, and so on might be a little
different in some respects (no DHV!).

Thanks again!
real address is shsrms at erols dot com
The Herbal Gypsy and the Tinker.