Subject: Re: VS3100 Monitor port pinout & other stuff.
To: BSD-VAX Mail List <>
From: Geoff Roberts <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/21/1998 15:49:29
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From: Dave McGuire <>
To: Thomas Kula <>
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Date: Monday, 21 September 1998 13:58
Subject: Re: VS3100 Monitor port pinout & other stuff.

>On Sun, 20 Sep 1998, Thomas Kula wrote:
>>I managed to aquire one and got it to use the printer port as a serial
>>terminal by opening it up and taking out the frame buffer. It is the other
>>thing that looks like memory, but not like the bank of RAM on the one
>>Since I don't have a monitor for it, existing without the frame buffer is
>>okay--I can't recall off hand if NetBSD even supports the frame buffer on
>>the DS 3100. Anyone?

> NetBSD supports that framebuffer nicely...I and several friends run
> NetBSD/pmax with X on 3100s just fine.

Getting Netbsd ON the machine looks to be an adventure.  But it'll keep me
off the streets for
a week or two.
OK, I took the card out and sure enough, I got a console.  Couldn't get a
squeak previously.
Will try again later.
The console is radically different to the VS machines.

>FYI, further DECstation questions should
>probably be directed to the port-pmax list.

Yup.  Now I know that it exists, guess I'll add that one to my mailing
lists, and move
my decstation questions there...

>  Incidentally...the size of that video SIMM determines whether the depth
>of the onboard framebuffer is 1 bit (mono) or 8 bits (color).

So it seems.  Not sure what size it is.

Thanks all who responded,

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