Subject: VS3100 Monitor port pinout & other stuff.
To: BSD-VAX Mail List <>
From: Geoff Roberts <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/21/1998 11:55:24
Hi all,

Couple questions.

Anyone out there got the pinouts for the monitor 15 pin D connector on a
Specifically, R , G,  B,   Vsync & Hsync. (I'll figure out ground ;^)

Ditto for the VS4000-60 & VS4000-90 (not the GPx or SPx ones, obviously RGB
sync on green, but the 15pin. Same as 3100??

Someone know how to get a Decstation 3100 (MIPS chip) into console mode?  I
can't find a magic switch on it anywhere.
It has a 245mb SCSI drive. No idea about ram yet.  This is my prime NEtbsd
candidate, (it'll be the boot server for the others, since it has
full support for it SCSI drives.
(I don't have monitors with these boxes - yet, but I do have 2 Intergraph
19" RGB with sep h & v sync that might be usable, at least on the inbuilt
port, unfortunately, Intergraph Australia can't tell me the H & V freq of
these very nice monitors.  Too old they reckon (91).
They took a punt at 260khz and 60hz.   The 260khz seems (very) unlikely, so
I think maybe it should be 62khz and 60hz.  We'll see.

FYI the 4000-90 and 60 have 32mb and SPx or GPx adapters.  The 90 has an
RX26 2.88floppy and a 245 and 400+mb scsi drive.
Presently with VMS 5.5-H2 and Decwindows.
The 60 has no drives at all.
The 3100/m38 has 16mb, 2 x 245mb drives and a RX23 (1.44?) FDD Vms 5.4 and
(i've actually had the 3100 and the 4000-90 running as a cluster from the
console ports.)
I got several RZ55's (300mb) and a TK50 (with a SCSI interface card!!) plus
a TZk10 525mb tape drive in the same deal, with an LK401
keyboard and 3LK201's plus a VT240 and VT320 terminal.

Slightly off topic, any of the UNix gurus out there familiar with Data
General Unix?
I got a pair of Data General Aviion's 4600 series circa 1990/91, running
DGUX 5.something in the same deal,  both work, but I don't have the
passwords to get in.
There's stuff all on the net, and there don't appear to be any relevant ng
for this box/flavour either.
Unfortunately, neither bsd nor linux can mount the drives. Partition table
is different.
They are running Motorola CPu's 88100 series I think.  So it would be best
if I could keep the present o/s, as I doubt if anything else supports the
Any ideas on how to get in eagerly sought.  Some way to mount the drives in
a Netbsd system so that the password files can be changed
seems like a possibility?
Wouldn't be a total loss if I can't, as the 4 x 500mb scsi drives could find
homes in my vaxstations soon enough, but I would like to use them as is if I
Incidentally, the above collection came from a Scrap Metal dealer for the
immense sum of A$160. I got lucky.

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