Subject: Re: Update 4 - BSDPPP - or - the adventures of bob
To: Carl Lowenstein <>
From: Sheila //or// Bob (depends on who's writing) <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/20/1998 08:20:47
Carl Lowenstein wrote:
> You guys are having a classical case of RS232 "unhappiness".  In the
> absence of a flashing-lights box to show what is really happening,
> try the following:
>         connect DB25 pins 4 & 5 together.  This is RTS and CTS.
>                 when the computer asserts RTS (request to send)
>                 it will immediately get back CTS (clear to send)
done. no effect on my end. That is with 2 & 3 crossed, and 7 as the
common between the Grounds/earth AND with both machines running off the
same phase so I have no detectible ground current.
> If this doesn't solve all the problems, connect also 6 & 8 to 20
done. Same result.
> A connector box set up bidirectionally like this is colloquially known
> as a "happy box", since it makes both sides of the RS232 circuit happy
> by supplying them with control inputs from their own outputs.
And I thought a "Happy Box (sm)" was a nitrous bottle for my buick! :)!!
> Set up a terminal for no hardware handshaking, and connect it.  When
> that works (?) you can start worrying about more difficult things
> like modem control.
Gonna do that now.
Actually, I am going to go to my Lab, sit with my null modems and cables
and verify each and every one.  Then try it again. Thanks for the
encouragement!  Really! If I have used the wrong cable or hosed up my
null modems some how, your get back to basics note might just be the
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