Subject: Re: Netbooting a VAXstation 3500
To: None <>
From: Devin Rubia <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/17/1998 17:28:55
On 17 Sep 98, at 12:54, Olaf Seibert wrote:

> In <> "Devin Rubia" <> writes:

> >  My options are very limited as to how to get NetBSD on this 
> >machine.  I have no access to the current OS (Ultrix) as it doesn't 
> >give me a login on the console and I don't have a monitor.  There is 
> You say you have a console, so you can boot Ultrix in single-user mode.
> I think it is
> >>> B/2		where 2 is RB_SINGLE.
> Then you can change the root password so you have proper access to
> Ultrix at least.

  Nope, no go.  This is all I get



Ultrixboot (using VMB version 13)

Loading (a)vmunix ...

text = 517904
data = 224252
bss  = 168568
Starting at 0x208d

  At which point it hangs.  Perhaps the single user console is going 
to the (non-existant) monitor.