Subject: Netbooting a VAXstation 3500
To: None <>
From: Devin Rubia <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/17/1998 03:46:36
  Well, I've got my console working, so now on to step 2.

  Has anyone written a standalone driver for the DELQA ethernet 
adaptor yet.  I will need one as netbooting seems to be the only way 
I can install at the moment.

  My options are very limited as to how to get NetBSD on this 
machine.  I have no access to the current OS (Ultrix) as it doesn't 
give me a login on the console and I don't have a monitor.  There is 
a TK70 in the machine but I have no source for tapes or a way of 
creating a boot tape anyway.

  Any ideas?