Subject: RE: MicroVax II
To: <>
From: James Lothian <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/16/1998 12:02:09
I got three of these from a previous batch they had about a year ago. 
They were being sold at that time as scrap only, and were delivered with
extremely minimal packaging (corrugated cardboard taped across front and
back of chassis). As a result, they were *seriously* beaten up by the time 
they were delivered. From the bits and pieces, I was able to assemble one
machine with 16megs of memory that I think will probably work, if I ever get
time to try getting it running. The machines they were selling at that time
didn't have any hard disks -- I don't know about the ones they're selling at
the moment. If you're aiming to get a running system, rather than just a 
pile of interesting spares, I would definitely buy more than one. 


From: 	Nicholas James Humfrey
Sent: 	Tuesday, September 15, 1998 10:49 PM
Subject: 	MicroVax II


	I have just seen several MicroVax IIs being sold off by a surplus
company called 'Greenweld'. I was wondering if it was worth my while
puchaseing one. They are in a BA23 case with 9Mb of RAM, a 5.25" disk
drive, DEQNA card. However there does not seem to be any graphics/serial
card. They are said to come from a working installation, so it is likely
not to have any problems. The price is 52 pounds sterling including
postage (about $30). Is this good value, and how easy is it to get the
machine running NetBSD ?