Subject: Re: okey, its time to get some more terminals.
To: Ken Wellsch <>
From: Sheila //or// Bob (depends on who's writing) <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/15/1998 22:04:58
Ken Wellsch wrote:
> Oh, sounds like things must be broken!?  So much for my useless suggestions...
> Sorry for wasting bandwidth with my prior message... sigh.  -- Ken
You have not wasted any bandwidth!  I just got to the point where I
doubted that I was the problem.  Then Seeing Ronny's post! AHHH! it
MIGHT not be me!!

Don't for get! I was the one who inspired Gunnar to do the vax faq! I
took 28 tries before I got my 1.1a installed.  I did everything possible
wrong! Now I can install in just a matter of a couple of hours from tape
or from another disk!!!

When I am banging my head against the wall, figuring I hosed up
something! it is nice to have company!!

I still ahve not been able to edlabel any of my RD53s that run VMS just

Thanks for all your help!!
You really do help all of us you know!!
real address is shsrms at erols dot com
The Herbal Gypsy and the Tinker.