Subject: okey, its time to get some more terminals.
To: None <>
From: Ronny Svedman <ronny@Update.UU.SE>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/15/1998 23:55:37
Hi folks =)

As some of you know by now, i am running NetBSD 1.3.2 on a microvaxII.
Yesterday i got NetBSD 1.3.2 / i386 runnig on my old laptop 386 with only
4 meg ram. anyway: i'd like to use one of the 8 serial lines on my uVax to
get net connectivity into the pc, and aslo get a couple of extra text
terminals on a few other lines (vt320, vt420 and Facit Twist). It'd be
nice to have a couple of extra shells, to be able to irc, read mail,
websurf (lynx) etc at the same time.. :)

here goes:

I haven't been able to get anything at all out of the serial ports on the
vax :(. I enabled the lines in /etc/ttys, i have created the devices for
them (ttyS0 -S8), and i see the 8 getty:s running in ps and top. The
system finds the mux at boot, saying:

dhu0 at uba0 csr 160440 vec 300 ipl 17
dhu0: rom(1) version 2 rom(0) version 2

What are these numbers, and what may i look for ? is any of these numbers
supposed to be unique (like irq:s in a PC or so), and does this appear
normal ?

there is no error messages during selftests, and the machine has been
running stable, except for panic during fsck problems during automatic
boot, which is probably depending on the kernels old virtual memory
management, (or atleast so i have been told).

Is the M3104 supported in the 1.3.2 generic kernel, or do i need to change
? what else can cause this deadness? if i disable the getty:s and try to
cat things at the ports (as root) it hangs until i press ctrl-C.

I have tried with both crossed and straight cables, three-wire and DEC
original (25 f to 25 f, known to work between a vt320 and a DECserver
200), and at different speeds (all in the vt320 setup).

Please, advice me of what more to try, and excuse the long explanations =)

As for the PC connectivity: I want the netbsd in the pc to think that it's
connected to the net, but i do not want it to show to the outside (i hav
only one allocated ip number behind the firewall (student account with
fixed connection (10baseT via a switched net and a 3Mbps radio link, and a
firewall/ip converter). I was thinking of using "slirp" for this task,
OR running a pppd on the vax, and letting the pc connect via ppp on the
serial line. (as you can imagine, i dont have a netwrk card for the pc).

Which method do you think is better? slirp on a getty:ed line, or ppp +
pppd? i want the pc to look like my vax to teh outer world, yet be as
transparently connected as possible. How do i set teh netbsd/pc up to
consider a ppp or slirp link a valid network interface ? is it even
possible ?

Best regards, and once again my apologies for the long & tedious reading, 
Ronny Svedman

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