Subject: The stability problem...
To: None <>
From: Erno Palonheimo <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/15/1998 00:32:08

I think I found out the cause for my stability problems. My VAX died today
again, this time it dropped me to kernel debugger and maybe 10 seconds
after that it said 'Memory error!' and stopped saying ?24 UNXINT. Whenever
I try to restart it, I get the same error. What is wrong, is it only the
memory or is the whole system dead? I wish it isn't, as it is quite hard
to get replacement CPU card.. Can I use memoryboards of MicroVAX I? I
could also try to get some II memory boards, but that'll take time. The
boards of uV1 do not have do not have the ribbon cable connector to
connect them to the CPU board, does that make them unusable? And, could
this be caused of overheat or something? The machine is in a room with
temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius, don't know about the humidity
though. How much there should be room on each side of machine? Or, it
might be that the memory boards are really broken, the machine has been
stored in very various conditions (I saved it when it was outside a
storehouse waiting to be taken to dump :-). So, can I try uV1 boards or is
there something further broken?

   Erno Palonheimo -x- -x- GSM +358400615281

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