Subject: Re: Stability of NetBSD/VAX
To: Erno Palonheimo <>
From: Arno Griffioen <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/14/1998 10:13:47
> What kind of uptimes should I expect? I haven't managed to get my uVAX II
> stay up for longer than six days, netbsd tends to sometimes just


Well I usually see uptimes like this on my 3600:

# uptime
10:04AM  up 58 days, 10:37, 2 users, load averages: 0.28, 0.15, 0.10
# uname -a
NetBSD 1.3F NetBSD 1.3F (NV2) #0: Fri Jul 17 15:19:45 CEST 1998 vax

The only reason why it's at 58 days is to install a new kernel once
in a while.

It's often loaded pretty much with many compile jobs, but because it
has 32 Mb it almost never uses swap at all. The most use I have
ever seen is a few kbyte..

So perhaps there's still a 'feature' in the swapping code somewhere,
although some people on the list are running VS2000's with very
little memory which should be swapping their brains out..

								Bye Arno.

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