Subject: VS 3100/M76 and VS 4000 VLC
To: None <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/13/1998 10:47:11

i just subscribed in this list and want to say hello to all VAX-fans out
And i also got a first question: About 2 years ago i got 2 VAXStations
very cheap and searched long for a possibility to put some live into
them. So i found NetBSD as the only free OS with ports for those
computers. My equipment is as follows:

VAXstation 3100 M76
- 24 MB RAM
- RZ-23E Hard disk (104 MB)
- 8 Plane 2D Scanproc

VAXstation 4000 VLD
- 24 MB RAM
- RZ-23E
- some kind of sound/scanproc (2 MB VRAM, maybe modem on board)

2 VR-299 (19" Color Monitor)
1 DECserver 200/MC

the VS3100 works with a selfmade cable with the monitor, a VT-320 with
DECconnect cables also exists for the serial console. I also installes
all necessary MOP-stuff on my Linux-Server and the success (more or
less) is as follows:

The VS 3100/M76 boots the NetBSD-1.3.2-booter, i can enter the
kernel-filename at the prompt (boot-options 3), then the booter does
it's ARP stuff, the server replies, and the VS says:


What does it mean ? I tried with 8 MB as i read something about problems
with more than 16 MB RAM on some boxes, but this error is the last thing
i see with NetBSD. (OK, the official M76-support is not yet finished,
but shouldn't the booter work ?). The 4000VLC des nearly nothing, it
hangs with the booter. (Yes, it's really not supported).

Does anybody can figure out the meaning of the above message or has
somebody even a list of error codes and their meaning ? Is it a problem
of the booter not supporting the M76 yet or maybe it's a hardware
problem ?. The SCSI-B controller shows an error in the POST, but i think
the only reason for this is, that there are no devices connected to it.

If somebody can help me, i'll be VERY happy, because i don't want to
trash these nice computers :-)

Oh yes, SHOW VER outputs:

KA43-A V1.20C-185-V1.6-26A
PST: 185
CON: 20C
VMB: V1.6
RPM: 26A

thanks in advance... Michael