Subject: VS2000 connector IDs
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/11/1998 10:04:13
Is there some kind of FAQ for the VS2000?  I recently got one and find
myself with unanswered questions.

The front panel says "VAXstation 2000"; the sticker on the back says
it's a model VS410-EA.

There are five connectors and two switches that look "stock": (1) a
DB25M, labeled with arrows pointing left and right; (2) a DB15M,
labeled with a silhouette of a keyboard, something that is probably
supposed to be a monitor screen, and an arrow with the head circled;
(3) a DB9M, labeled with what is clearly supposed to be a printer; (4)
a BNC connector labeled with a strange little crosshatch and the letter
A; (5) a DB15F labeled with a similar crosshatch and the letter B; (6)
a two-position switch labeled A and B, near connector 5; (7) what
appears to be a momentary-contact pushbutton labeled with a triangle
inscribed in a circle.

Presumably the labels are supposed to be intuitively obvious.  Except
for the printer and keyboard, I find them cryptic, though experience
and context give me the monitor too.

There are also three spaces at the bottom back, labeled A, B, and C.  A
has a 50-pin Centronics connector, B has a DB50F, and C has a blank
plate behind it.  I was unable to disassemble the machine very far, but
I did determine that the DB50F at position B has a small board behind
it marked "ST506/512 INTERFACE ADAPTER", with two ribbon-cable
connectors with nothing plugged into them.  The Centronics connector at
A is attached to a ribbon cable that disappears into the machine.

My questions, then, are:

- What do the mystery icons mean?  I'd guess that the switch 6 selects
   between connector 4 and connector 5, but what are they?  I'd guess
   AUI vs 10base2 network, except that connector 5 has no provision for
   the usual slide-lock thing AUI is infamous for.
- What's the Centronics connector at A, any guesses?
- Can I use the monitor/keyboard from a MicroVAX-II/GPX I have (IIRC,
   NetBSD does not support the GPX display)?  The connectors look
   physically compatible, for what that's worth.
- How do I get the thing apart?  I managed to take off the base, but
   further disassembly seems to require snapping off either the front
   or back plastic piece, neither of which wants to come off.  Or do I
   just have to be firm and force the sides to spring apart enough to
   lift the metal cover off the top?

And the big one,

- How do I install NetBSD on it? :-)  The hardware list lists the
   VS2000, so it should be possible.  If I'm lucky enough for the
   Centronics connector to be SCSI, can I maybe build a boot disk on
   another machine, or do I have to netboot for the initial install?

					der Mouse

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