Subject: Vax PPP help request.
To: None <>
From: Sheila //or// Bob (depends on who's writing) <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/06/1998 22:53:19
Sorry if I am being a pain about this, but I am not used to giving up -
so I have not given up yet!
I have gone thru the docs on PPPD, chat, tip, linux help pages, had a
pointer to the NetBSD Mac pages (tjamls to Emmanuel Dreyfuss), hints
from Erno, and have all my scripts set up!  I just don't know if they
are right yet.
Here is what I have 

My uVII (16MB, 1.3.2F, deqna working fine, CMD Scsi, RQDX3, TK50) has a
3107 in it (8 channel mux).

I have the /dev files all set - I think - with tty0? set up, ttyS? set
up, pty?? setup, all the standard devices, and so on.

My problem at this minute:
Can't seem to get anything out of the mux to the external modem.
I have that set up with 38400 as speed. I have tried ttyS0, ttyS7,
tty00, tty07.
using ttyS0/7, I get a script failure - I don't see any data going to
the modem.  I should see some data lights flicker.

Any hints would be appreciated!!
I checked out Gunnar's Vaxine FAQ and I think we should update the PPP
Figuring my fumbles with the original install spurred Gunnar (and all of
us) to exchange enough info....maybe we can do the same on PPP!!

real address is shsrms at erols dot com
The Herbal Gypsy and the Tinker.