Subject: Re: Getting qbus async mux working.
To: vax netbsd <>
From: Bob Harbour <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/05/1998 17:21:33
On Sat, 5 Sep 1998, Ken Wellsch wrote:

> > I want to plug an extra VT320 into one of the eight rs232:S at the back of
> > my microvaxII. it would be nice to have another terminal besides the
> > console vt420. 


>  Maybe not, but I think you'd be safe to
> just go edit /etc/ttys and enable say /dev/ttyS0 then "kill -1 1" to
> fire-up a getty - then go plug your VT320 into each port until you find
> 0 (assuming you don't already know where it is). I believe you'll get
> a login banner on connection as the driver detects the signal state change
> and the getty gets revived.  Otherwise hit the old <RETURN> key and look
> for a banner if none appears when the cable is attached.  -- Ken

I tried using a DHV11 board in my microvax II a few months ago under
version 1.2G and had trouble. I edited the /etc/ttys file and signal'ed
init and then I could log in fine over the DHV11. Then I shut the unit
down and re-booted and when the machine came up, I kept getting some error
message on any serial line I hooked up to so I could not log in with a
serial port, not even the console! I had to telnet into the machine and
disable the dhv11 and re-boot. 
Sorry that I can't be more specific about the error message,
I think it was something about getty timing out or something. I mentioned
it to someone and it seemed to be a known problem. If this has been fixed,
I would like to know. 


Bob Harbour