Subject: Re: Netbooting a VS3100/M30
To: J.S. Havard <>
From: Jonas Oberg <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/05/1998 09:28:40
> I think there used to be problems with VS3100s with > 16MB.  Might still
> be the case.

I really hope this is not the case :)  IIRC, the VS3100/m30 has 4MB
on-board memory. Apart from that I have two memory units, one 16MB and
one 4MB. So I can get either 4, 8, 20 or 24 MB memory. With only 8 MB
memory, it won't really be much fun :)

> Did you remember to add the bootserver's address in your rarp table?

Sure thing, all is setup as it should be. Problem is that after it
loads the kernel, it never says anything on the net, it never even
_tries_ to lookup it's IP-number via rarp.

> can find it at (europe) or

Thanks, I'd missed this page.

Jonas -