Subject: Trouble with mopd
To: None <>
From: Jonas Oberg <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/04/1998 22:03:39

I'm trying to netboot a VS3100 here from a Linux machine running a
libc6 debian. To get MOP-support, I've compiled mopd-linux-2.5.3.
Trouble comes when I try to boot the VS3100 from the ethernet
interface. moptrace says that the VAX is trying to use protocol 0x6001
(MOP Download), which is fine. But mopd says (when i debug it) that
the same VAX, doing the same thing, is trying to use protocol 0x3120.
If I force it to accept 0x3120 as a MOP Download I can see that the
sending ethernet numbers and all things like it are also screwed up.

So somehow, moptrace gets the right side of the story whilst mopd just
can't cope with the situation.

Anyone has any ideas about what might be wrong?

Jonas -