Subject: Re: Slightly off-topic: VS4000-60 hardware
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Date: 07/30/1998 07:50:38
"" "Roger Ivie" wrote:

> What you do is put one screw in the middle hole of each side of the drive
> and slide the screws down the notch. When you get the screw to the point where
> the notch goes to the right, you push the drive over to the right and the
> plastic clip will click onto the front of the drive. The drive is held by 
> two screws and the plastic clip. The bottom drive bay is similar, but you 
> mount the drive upside down.

What you are *supposed* to do is screw the appropriate plate to the bottom of
each drive and then the "wings" on the plate slide in and hold the drive in

I cannot remember the arrangement for the 5.25" bay plastic mount - I think that 
with that one you actually screw the drive to the plastic, which then clips
into the box in the usual way.

I'm not sure if the expansion box is supposed to work the same way, but I'd run 
out of plastic mounts by then so I just used random metal worked screwed in as 


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