Subject: Re: Slightly off-topic: VS4000-60 hardware
From: Roger Ivie <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/29/1998 16:20:11
Mike Andrews wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Roger Ivie wrote:
> > There should also be a dual 3.5" bay which snaps in just to the left of the
> > 5.25" bay just in front of the motherboard. You can screw two drives into it
> > (one rightside up, the other upside down).
> There is, except there aren't any screwholes on it anywhere.

Sure there are. It just doesn't _look_ like there are. If you pull out the
little plastic doober, you'll see them. Here's an ASCII art attempt at a
side view:

    +-------\      /----+
    |         \   /     |
    |          |  +-+   |
    |          |    |   | <--- screw hole for the top drive
    |          +----+   |
    |                   |
    |          +----+   |
    |          |    |   | <--- screw hole for the bottom drive
    |          |  +-+   |
    |         /   \     |
    +--------/     \----+

If you look at the top of the thing, you'll also see there are a couple of
plastic clips on the left-hand side; one pointing up (for the top drive) and
one pointing down (for the bottom drive).

What you do is put one screw in the middle hole of each side of the drive
and slide the screws down the notch. When you get the screw to the point where
the notch goes to the right, you push the drive over to the right and the
plastic clip will click onto the front of the drive. The drive is held by 
two screws and the plastic clip. The bottom drive bay is similar, but you 
mount the drive upside down.

Roger Ivie