Subject: Re: Setting up a T1 and email
To: Rick Copeland <>
From: Thomas C Sobczynski <tcs@MIT.EDU>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/16/1998 20:38:49
> Dear List,
> It's amazing how many people have responded to my initial question!  There
> was some information apparently missing or unclear in the original message
> and that is the computer that NetBSD would run on was the 386 architecture
> not a "386".  In fact the slowest x368 we have here is a 200mhz 686 Cyrex.
> We also will not be using the entire T1 for data, it will be split 50/50
> voice/data(fractional).  The CSU/DSU (Veralink)provides a V.35 port (which
> may be a problem) and this is where we would like to connect our router to.
>  We could of course go buy a Cisco 2501 but the good old uVax 3600 running
> NetBSD 1.3 has worked out so well as an intranet server that we would like
> to try it as a router on the 386 platform.

The source of confusion is a tiny error in your terminology - it's
x86, not x386.  :)

Where you say "the 386 platform," you should substitute "the x86