Subject: Re: Setting up a T1 and email
To: None <netbsd-help@NetBSD.ORG, port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Rick Copeland <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/16/1998 14:27:31
Dear List,

It's amazing how many people have responded to my initial question!  There
was some information apparently missing or unclear in the original message
and that is the computer that NetBSD would run on was the 386 architecture
not a "386".  In fact the slowest x368 we have here is a 200mhz 686 Cyrex.
We also will not be using the entire T1 for data, it will be split 50/50
voice/data(fractional).  The CSU/DSU (Veralink)provides a V.35 port (which
may be a problem) and this is where we would like to connect our router to.
 We could of course go buy a Cisco 2501 but the good old uVax 3600 running
NetBSD 1.3 has worked out so well as an intranet server that we would like
to try it as a router on the 386 platform.

The demand on the router would not be high, we will be using it mostly for