Subject: Re: Setting up a T1 and email
To: Doug Junkins <>
From: Dave Cherkus <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/16/1998 08:17:24
Doug Junkins writes:
|> Actually, before the RS6000s arrived, the NFS T1 backbone was run on
|> clusters of IBM PC/RTs running BSD-Reno and AOS.  The general idea was
|> that multiple RTs were connected on a Token Ring network and some had 1 or
|> 2 T1 interfaces and others had ethernet.  I've got a couple of the RTs
|> from the old Seattle node in my basement now (idle at this time).

Correct.  The T1 interfaces had i960 cpus on them and a route cache.
They ran the dlc and ip stacks on the cpu and did a route lookup.
If it failed, it was passed onto the RT which had the entire routing
table on it.

|> As for PCs running configured as routers, I've got an old 486 laptop
|> runnning FreeBSD routing between ethernet (3C589D) and a WaveLan (Digital
|> RoamAbout) segment and it has had no performance problems -- it's not
|> doing anything else (yet).  YMMV.  

Interesting.  I didn't know *bsd had support for wireless boards.
Do you know if there is support for Proxim boards?

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