Subject: Re: Vaxstation 3100 support
To: None <>
From: Jerome Tonneson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/15/1998 23:18:53
>>>NetBSD/vax on this "Vaxstation 3100 M38".  However, the support pages show
>>Yes, this machine will run NetBSD/vax very nicely.
>could you give a performance estimate? :-)

Off the top of my head?  (Someone jump in here if I'm wrong...) I'm thinking
it's on the order of maybe a 386/16 or so.  Not a power house, but with
NetBSD, it's still a pretty good system.

>You're right, it's not SCSI2. It's some modification of SCSI1 apparently.
>I'll probably need to find an adapter if I want to connect an external
If you'd like, I bugged one of my BC09J cables one day and have been meaning
to type up a table showing the connections between the 50-pin and 68-pin
connectors... I can get this done soon if you'd like the information.  It
would probably be possible to make your own cable, but then again it probably
wouldn't be _too_ hard to find one for sale on the net.

Oh, about the SCSI cable - maybe you could bug... I mean ask nicely :-)
the people you purchased the system from if they still had the cables, since
they most likely wouldn't be using them anymore :-)

>Can another monitor be used on this system? The video port on the VAX looks
>like a mac's video output, except opposite gender.  I have either VGA
>monitors or mac monitors available to use.

I'm not sure what the signals are on the mac's video connector, but I do
have the pinout for the VAX's video port:
1-red, 10-green, 11-blue, 2-shields        
Even if the pinouts don't match, it'd be possible to build an adapter  
cable that would connect the two.

I have used a PC-type monitor (NEC Multisync 4D) with a VAXstation, though
it was easier since that particular monitor had BNC connectors.