Subject: Vaxstation 3100 support
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Armen Babikyan <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/15/1998 18:40:47

Some department at mit was giving away about 25 vaxstation 3100's, so I
figured I'd pick one up and try to get it running some kind of un*x.  Being
a NetBSD/mac68k user for all of 2 years, I was biased towards running
NetBSD/vax on this "Vaxstation 3100 M38".  However, the support pages show
conflicting information about whether or not this machine is supported -
anyone know for sure?

In any case, this machine came with a DEC RZ23 hard drive, which should be
100MB.  Is it likely that this machine fully booted off this hard drive?
Or was it booted off a network?

Speaking of hard drives, this machine came with a SCSI interface.  There
seems to be some kind of SCSI card on the "top rack" in the back of the
computer, with SCSI cables going to a drive that exists, and to an empty
space, which I figured someone removed the drive from.  Additionally, I
found what looked to be a SCSI2 interface on this card pointing out of the
back of the computer (it also had a terminating plug).  Is this really a
SCSI2 interface? Maybe I'm underestimating vax technology here.

Oh yeah...where is the RAM in this thing?! I opened it up, and found no
chips that resemble RAM, nor any slots to indicate the lack thereof.  If
the RAM is soldered on the board, how much is there?

I plugged everything to the back of the machine, including a Vax monitor
(with it's coax-to-15-pin connector), a mouse that looks like a hockey
puck, a keyboard, a AUI<->10Bt tranceiver, and power cords, and started the
machine up.  I'm not exactly sure what the bootup was supposed to look
like, but I heard intermittent beeps, in sync with the blinking light on
the floppy disk drive and the lights on the keyboard.  Anyone know what I
should do next? Looks like some kind of warning message or something. :-\

thanks for any and all help :-)

  - a