Subject: Re: Setting up a T1 and email
To: Jacob Suter <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/15/1998 22:38:16
> a 386 (even a DX/40) is WAAAAAAAAAAAY to slow to route a T1.  Get a
> 486DX2/66 or something.  I used to drag my 386DX/40 down with just a
> 33.6k modem w/ FreeBSD.
Itwas probably more dependent of the interrupt handler than routing
lookup speed. If you're connected to a T1 you are having a real
network card, like RisCom/N2 or something, and then it will not be
a problem.
IIRC, NetBSD -current does something like 144000 routing lookups/s
on a P 233 with Matt Thomas' latest flow-cache changes. I don't think
that even a 386/40 can't keep up with a 1.5 Mbit T1.

-- Ragge